Gifts of Grace

I really love buying gifts for people. I love thinking about how my friends are wired, what they love and what they might cherish and enjoy. I don’t usually buy extravagant things for myself however. I am responsible with money and have often felt guilty if I have bought something a little pricey or something which may not have been strictly necessary. The thought of God bringing gifts and blessing into my life is also an uncomfortable one. Goodness and blessings have not always been the overarching themes of my journey. God has often not given me things that I have wanted and prayed for. I thank God that He hasn’t on some occasions. Yet deep inside it can feel as if I am not at all good enough to receive His gifts.

Yet His grace I know has nothing to do with me! “Saving is all his idea, and all his work. All we do is trust him enough to let him do it. It’s God’s gift from start to finish!” (Eph 2:8 MSG)

God’s deepest desire is to bless. His greatest gift to me and to each of us is relationship with Himself through His son Jesus. Forgiveness of sin and the gift of the Holy Spirit. He has not held back salvation, is there not anything else He wouldn’t give? (Rom 8:32)

From the very air we breathe, to people who love and care about us, a safe home and a warm bed God is the giver of it all. Every good and perfect gift is from above! (Jam 1:17) I have earned and deserved nothing and God has given me everything in Christ. Hallalujah!

A few weeks ago my computer died a horrific and permanent death of the hard drive variety. Instead of going into a tailspin I asked God to help me and gift me with what I needed. A week later after miraculously having the opportunity to work some extra shifts at my job I marched on down to the local electronics store. A wonderful man helped me to select a really good model. Unfortunately, there were none in store. He suggested I look online for the product at other stores. Dejected I went home to browse for something similar. Low and behold I was able to find my gorgeous computer for $50 cheaper on the web. And instead of guilt I knew peace in my heart and gratitude to my great God for meeting my needs!

I have continued to pray for God to give me eyes to see His gracious gifts to me daily and He has not disappointed. From the appearance of crumpets in the freezer (my favourite breakfast food) to special moments of deep connection and prayer with friends to my favourite songs coming on the radio prior to a nerve-wracking interview, God has got my back. He knows how I am wired, He knows the things I will love and cherish and He delights to gift them to me if only I would ask and humbly receive.

The overarching theme of my life and yours is in fact of a God whose goodness and blessing is limitless. His blessings flow to us and unexpectedly through us as we testify in word and deed of His love to the ends of the Earth.